To learn how to use Google/Gmail/GSuite as your SMTP provider, see Using Google/Gmail/Google Workspace as your SMTP Provider.

  • After turning on 2-Factor Authentication, If you do not see the option to set "App Passwords" on the Security page, click on 2-Factor Authentication and it will take you to another page where you can set the "App Passwords."

Important: If you do not have 2-factor authentication on, you may be able to use your email password in lieu of setting up an App Password. However, if you use this method and change your Google email password, you need to update HighLevel with the new password.

Important: if you are using Google Workspace as your SMTP Provider:

  1. Setup Route outgoing SMTP relay messages through Google 
  2. Allow Less Secure Apps in Google Workspace Admin and the individual Google email account

Important: you can also send email from Google Workspace Alias addresses.

Also, learn why you can't use a free email address as an SMTP provider: